On the Demise and Reincarnation of Gynuine

Welcome to the home page of Gynuine (jin-yoo-in). Our mission was to encourage and celebrate literary achievement that expresses the diversity of authentic female experience. We are a self-supporting, debt-accruing nonprofit organization, half assedly trying to psyche ourselves up to immerse ourselves in the paperwork required to apply to the IRS for tax-exempt status. We’ve been working on that for more than a year now, so don’t hold your breath.

To begin with, our primary focus was to be an online literary magazine by and for persons of the female gender. Gynuine Literary Magazine, born of good intentions, was going to publish fiction and creative nonfiction pieces that defied stereotypes and explored the deep truths of what it is to be female. We may have overrated the depths of those truths and scared you speechless.  In any event, the inaugural issue was to go live during the first quarter of 2015.  As a prelude, we got our feet wet with this whole literary website contraption by beginning to blog on a weekly basis. We were charmed by the thought that you’d post a litany of jaw-dropping, but insightful, and sometimes outrageous comments in response to our equally invigorating blog posts that would serve as fodder for conversations on what the hell it means to be a woman these days (perhaps even clueing a few astute men in on the subject!). Your comments were scarce. Our bubble burst. Roughed up egos.

We even announced that Gynuine was accepting fiction and creative nonfiction works for consideration, and posted a well-thought out tome of submission guidelines, taking our cue from the IRS’s 501(c)(3) application. Some really earnest and talented writers managed to stay awake while perusing those guidelines and they submitted some stellar work, but not enough. A magazine’s worth of exceptional work never made it our way. To those whose wonderful words we accepted at the outset for publication, our sincere and profuse apologies.  This literary magazine has been aborted. Truth be told to those talented writers we have now turned away, our sensibilities lead us to predict that your stories will find homes in other more viable publications and your voices shall be heard loud and strong, just not here, not now, unless you aim to post a comment.

We are quick to criticize men for being commitment-phobic, but I’ll be straight up, I’m not feeling the commitment here. Marie and I met over margaritas the other day to plan the future of Gynuine and decided to reinvigorate the blog. I’m not convinced the blog is going to thrive. My confidence still waivers and I find the fetal position more comfortable than donning writer’s garb. Nonetheless, I really crave a place to post my thoughts and writings such as they are. Do such essays rise to the level of celebrating literary achievement? That’s putting a lot of pressure on ourselves. I’m settling for my best shot at vetting simple truths based on my humble life. Truth? We women are fickle sometimes. This here is proof. And that’s never stopped us before.

Thanks for stopping by,
Renée & Marie

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  1. Pamela Angeles

    Good for you, can’t wait to see more!

    1. Renee

      Thanks for hopping onto Gynuine.org and taking a look. Hope you will find it interesting as we grow this website, the blog and the on-line magazine. We are accepting article submissions if you know of any potential writers who might be interested. Ciao!

  2. Suzanne Pech

    Excited about your new adventure into a woman’s psyche! Interesting enough women want to know about other women and how they deal with similar situations in their lives! It could be as simple as relationship, job situations, or things that are happening your family? We as women are the building blocks and sometimes we need support on how to make it stronger?
    I am looking forward to your magazine and your blogs.

    Best Wishes,

    Susie Pech

  3. Renee

    Thanks for your comment Susie! Marie and I are really excited about this adventure too, though we do sometimes wonder what we’ve gotten ourselves into. You are so right about women being building blocks, and a little extra support to strengthen that foundation is always welcome. Hope you continue to enjoy reading the blogs that are being posted now and then the magazine (when the first issue is released, probably in March 2015). Happy trails!

  4. Barbara Millman Cole

    Hi Renee and Marie,

    So wonderful to see yet another venue for writers to share their works. Your magazine promises a general appeal with a specific focus. General in that your magazine will appeal to a wide audience, female and male, yet specific in that your main concern is women’s lives. And yes, I believe men will be interested to understand better and learn more about women in their own lives.

    I will look for your debut publication in the New Year. Love the title you chose.

    Best of luck and good reading,

    Barbara Millman Cole
    Meetup organizer for The Writers’ Place

    1. Marie Parc

      Hello Barbara,

      Thank you so much for stopping by. We appreciate your encouraging words, and hope that you and your meetup members will become a regular part of the dialogue here!

      Thanks again,

    2. Renee Guzman-Simon


      Hello! I see that Marie already replied, but I wanted to say thank you also for your encouraging words. Marie gets the credit for coming up with the name Gynuine! She’s quite the creative one. We are looking forward to launching the magazine in 2015 and hope to hear from you again. In the meantime, Happy Holidays!


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